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Mykos Root Packs Mycorrhizal Inoculant

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  • Mykos is a natural root promoter containing a specific beneficial fungus that forms a powerful symbiotic relationship with the plant roots. 
  • This increases the availability of nutrients and moisture for enhanced growth whilst also dramatically improving root growth and plant health. 
  • Designed for use during propagation or transplanting, you simply place a single Root Pak underneath the transplant cube, plug or root ball supporting each of your plants. 
  • The roots will then grow through this to be colonized by the organic Mychorrhizal fungi. 
  • Creation of a secondary root structure resulting from the application of Mykos leads to better water uptake, increased surface area for nutrient absorption, more efficient use of the growing media and increased resistance to root disease and drought. 
  • Highly recommended for rockwool, coco and soil.
  • 50 x packs in each resealable bag.

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